Our team have a broad range of experience working across Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and Technology with companies including Microsoft, Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College London Hospital, Credit Suisse, UBS, Credit Agricole, King’s College Hospital and CMR Surgical. 


Ashley is the the Founder and Managing Director of Rembrace.

He has over 10 years experience developing solutions for healthcare organisations in the UK including Great Ormond Street Hospital, King’s College London and University College London Hospital and brings previous experience from the private sector where he worked with Microsoft.
Ashley is committed to improving the quality of information in healthcare in order to  support administrative and frontline staff and improve patient care.


David Haig is a senior developer who has 15 years’ experience in the finance industry. He has worked for top tier investment banks including UBS and Credit Suisse as well as Credit Agricole and the hedge fund, Man Investments. David has experience working in highly sophisticated development environments and brings methodologies and ideas from the finance sector to healthcare. The two industries both require secure bespoke software that can be developed rapidly and respond to changing requirements. Attention to detail and quality are as important to healthcare as they are to automated trading applications and David is passionate about how he can help to transform this space. 


Mark is an IT infrastructure and MedTech Developer with over 15 years development experience. His most recent experience is developing and deploying a web platform and cloud infrastructure for medical device maintenance and monitoring. Previously Mark has worked for Cambridge consultancies and medical device startups including CMR Surgical where he helped with the initial system development which secured significant investment funding.